The humane way to deal with people who suffer from a psychological disorder is to keep them under careful watch of a psychiatrist, but to let them remain in society.  I believe that putting someone into a mental institution and cutting all ties to civilization will only intensify the symptoms of the disorder.  Regular contact with family and friends will keep the patient connected to reality and will allow them to stay familiar with daily routines. Support from friends and family, I believe, is the most effective form of treatment. Medication, however, is also extremely important to those with a psychological disorder and in extreme cases, forced medicating may be fitting.  If someone poses a threat to themselves or others, forced medicating may be the only way to keep their symptoms under control. Although some find forced medicating inhumane I believe in the opposite, that it is the only humane way of treatment.  If he or she is a potential harm to his or herself, drastic measures such as forced medicating are utterly necessary and acceptable.  The safety of the patient and others is ultimately the most important thing and must always take precedence. 
12/17/2012 12:57:17 pm

Stumbled upon this blog while googling bipolar disorder....great points made. Is this for a university?


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