An individual should not be forced into therapy because it is simply counterproductive. Therapy will never work until the individual sees the problem, recognizes that there needs to be a change, and wants to be cured. A successful recovery requires the unrelenting dedication of both the patient and the doctor. Anyone who is forced into doing something they don't want to do normally retaliates and displays blatant insubordination. The same goes for institutionalization: there will be little effect on the patient if they are forced into a mental institution. The best avenue toward a speedy recovery is keeping the individual in touch with reality and normal daily routines. Stability outside of their unstable mind can be reassuring for the patient. Unless the individual is a clear threat to either his/herself or others, I don't believe forcing institutionalization is at all necessary. Furthermore, if it is dangerous for that person to be in a populated area, then it is probably best for everyone that he/she be taken out of that environment. However, this does not mean that they should be shunned from family and friends; it is pertinent that they remain in contact with all familiar people. Thus, there should be no consequences for refusal of treatment unless the client poses an imminent threat.

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    December 2012