Discussion of the Book

  • Happy when she finally admits to herself that she can’t live without the lithium
  • Confused as to why she bought a horse and  I agree 
  • Finds her actions repetitive, that she didn’t need to include all that she did 
  • Thinks that Kay’s brother is so nice and generous for helping her with her recovery 
  • Surprised at how much money she truly spends during her manic cycles: $30,000 on jewelry and snake bite kits
  • Surprised that if Kay was given a choice to have bipolar disorder or not, she would choose to have it. Kay likes having more intense feelings about things and feeling deeper emotions. 
  • Frustrated that she continually refused to stop taking her lithium because Kay knows it helps her but still doesn’t take it; Tillie and I agree that it is frustrating 

To sum up the meeting, there was a general consensus within the group. We all agree that Kay’s irrational actions were at times frustrating and a little unnerving. However, we understand the circumstances and how she is overcome with intense emotion.

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    December 2012