In An Unquiet Mind, Jamison deals with her mental illness on her own terms; or at least she tries. For quite some years she denies that medication will help her and chooses to cope by herself the manic cycles and depressive cycles. She received mainly cognitive therapy, and regularly visited a psychiatrist. Being a doctor of psychiatry herself, it was not uncommon that she visits psychologists often. She saw many different therapists and psychiatrists throughout her illness and responded differently to each one. There were some doctors whom she really liked and became friends with, and others who really didn’t have much of an impact on her. I think going to therapy helped her in that she eventually admitted to herself that she needs to make a change in her life.

Jamison, throughout the memoir, took varying dosages of lithium. She knew the lithium helped, but she craved the excitement that her manic episodes brought her. So, she quit taking it on several different occasions, each time slipping back to her alternating moods. In the end, she recognized the medication’s importance and, although she had to sacrifice wild passion, she now continues to take it regularly. According to Jamison, medication should always be administered to patients with mental illness and she practices what she preaches, administering them to her own clients. Support from friends and family also aided in her recovery, especially the support from her brother. He helped her get her feet back on the ground when she entered into economic turmoil, and was always available for moral support.

As stated in the epilogue, Jamison would choose to have manic-depressive illness if given the choice. She appreciates her experiences with the illness and how it has helped to shape her mind. However, if lithium was not readily available she would never wish the illness upon anyone, especially not herself. Jamison found peace of mind through her own realizations. When she evaluated her life, cluttered with impulsive purchases as expensive as $30,000 and destroyed relationships, she felt miserable and psychotic. Most importantly, she never would have found equilibrium in her life without the blessing of lithium.

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