Quote Response:
     This quote attempts to explain one’s internal struggle with mental illness and insanity.  One with a psychological disorder feels pain and loneliness because he or she feels that no other person shares their thought process.  They truly believe that their world and their reality truly exist, yet they are the only one with their intuition.  The elation comes with the realization that they have discovered the truth, that they have been enlightened with all the secrets of the universe.  It feels almost euphoric to fathom all intention, all reason, and all the intangible. Unfortunately, however, one may feel terror which stems from the idea that they will always be alone in their reality. They may feel like nobody will ever understand and that perhaps they will forever be burdened with the truth while everyone else lives in blissful ignorance.  But the truth cannot escape them; they can never forget the knowledge with which they have been gifted and that is most terrifying. Of course they cannot erase their mindset.  It is like trying to convince someone who has been told their entire life that squirrels are evil that squirrels are actually gentle creatures. Although they are being told the actual truth, the brainwashed will believe that they are trying to be deceived for they think their reality is the truth. This notion can be applied to the explanation as to why it is so difficult to cure someone of insanity. How is it possible to convince someone of an alternate reality? of an unknown, intangible world existing within the mind? 
     Most every person, no matter their level of mental health, has some form of insanity. We all have ideas, beliefs, or thoughts that are our own. There is a world unique to each individual because it is seen through eyes unique to each individual. There is an irrevocable concept within each of us which is a result of our upbringing, our heritage, and/or our life experiences. For example, some people are pro-life and some are pro-choice. It all depends on how they were raised to think or how their life experiences have affected their thinking.  Each experience or believed abstraction is interpreted and translated into a notion in which only they understand. Everything in the world is perceived differently, for each person has an exclusive and private mind that is their own. To be exposed to another individual’s mindset is a truly rewarding experience; for it allows one to experience an entirely new reality which gives insight into so much knew knowledge.  

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    December 2012